Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect businesses from financial losses resulting from injury or property damage caused by accidents involving company cars. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

It helps to protect a company’s financial stability and success, providing coverage for vehicles used for business purposes.

Commercial auto insurance is tailored for companies who own or lease vehicles for business, such as delivery trucks, work vans, or company cars. It can cover any number of vehicles, from just one to an entire fleet. 

Coverage typically includes liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance policies to provide maximum financial protection.

In addition to the basic coverage, most commercial auto insurance policies provide additional coverage options. 

These may include protection from damaging weather and other perils, roadside assistance and towing, rental reimbursement, uninsured motorist protection, gap coverage, and more.

Commercial auto insurance can help protect any business from losses due to vehicle-related accidents. 

It can provide the peace of mind of knowing that any damage and liability costs are covered, and that the business is protected from financial ruin due to an unfortunate incident.

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